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At Prabha Eye Hospital, a team of highly trained ophthalmologists and orthoptists work together to provide patients with personalized treatment plans for squint and amblyopia. The hospital uses advanced diagnostic tools such as slit-lamp biomicroscopy, cycloplegic refraction, and fundus examination to accurately diagnose these conditions.

Prabha Eye Hospital offers a range of treatment options for squint and amblyopia, including:

  1. Patching: This involves covering the stronger eye with a patch, forcing the weaker eye to work harder and improve visual acuity.
  2. Eye exercises: These are movements and visual tasks that can help train the eyes and improve binocular vision.
  3. Glasses or contact lenses: Corrective lenses can help reduce the strain on the eyes and correct refractive errors.
  4. Strabismus surgery: Surgical intervention can help align the eyes and improve binocular vision.

Prabha Eye Hospital also offers vision therapy programs, which involve a series of exercises and activities designed to improve a patient’s visual skills and abilities.

Prabha Eye Hospital provides comprehensive squint and amblyopia services, including accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and advanced technology. Patients receive individualized care from experienced professionals who are committed to improving their vision and quality of life.

Your health, our priority. Book an appointment today!

We welcome your calls at +91 - 935451260 and you can send an email to or you can book online by filling the form.
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Prabha Eye Hospital
Prabha Eye Hospital, established in December 2013, is a leading ophthalmic care provider in Palwal District. With a mission to provide top-notch eye care services to people, the hospital has seen and treated over 100000 OPD patients, earning an excellent reputation in the region.
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Ayushman Bharat
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